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Roland MC-202 MicroComposer - Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with Integrated Sequencer

Roland MC-202 Modification - Kenton MC-202 4-Socket Upgrade Kit (CV / Gate / VCF / Portamento) * (6 Slides)
Roland MC-202 - Modification to provide direct CV/Gate inputs as mentioned by C. Y. Kong.It features a direct insertion of CV and Gate signals into the analog circuitry of the MC-202.Thereby you can play it as a monophonic synth via a CV/Gate interface without the need to incorporate the quantizing and time-lagging internal sequencer of the 202. * (12 Slides)
Roland MC-202 - Top View * …
Roland MC-202 - Top View * System Online…
Roland MC-202 - Rear View * Tape and CV/Gate Jacks, Phones and Line Out
Roland MC-202 - Rear View * DC Input, MIDI I/O and Calibration
  Kenton Socket Kit  
  CV/Gate Mod  
  Top View  
  Top View  
  Rear View  
  Rear View  
Roland MC-202 - Top Cover Removed * …
Roland MC-202 - PCB Assembly * …
Roland MC-202 - Mainboard * …
Roland MC-202 - Testing * …
Roland MC-202 - Switch Board * The Switch Board with Removed LCD.
Roland MC-202 - Opened / Powered * …
  Top Cover Removed  
  PCB Assembly  
  Switch Board  
  Opened / Powered  
Roland MC-202 - Mainboard * Soldering Side of the Main PCB
Roland MC-202 - Circuit Board * Soldering Side
Roland MC-202 - Deconstructed * From Left to Right: Top Cover, Main Board, Switch Board, Rubber Contacts.
Roland MC-202 - Top Cover * Inside View of the Top Cover with Rubber Contacts Already Placed
Roland MC-202 - CEM3340 VCO * …
Roland MC-202 - Analog Circuitry * Roland's Custom-made IR3109 - Integrated Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF).
  Circuit Board  
  Top Cover  
  CEM3340 VCO  
  Analog Circuitry  
Roland MC-202 - Analog Circuitry * Roland's Custom-made BA662 - DC Controlled Variable Transconductance Amplifier (OTA).
Roland MC-202 - Microcontroller * A Mask Programmed 8-bit Microcontroller Unit (NEC µPD78C06G).
Roland MC-202 - Digital Circuitry * …
Roland MC-202 - Romantic Resistance * Resistors in Love…
Roland MC-202 - LCD Driver * Panasonic MN1252B CMOS LCD Driver
Roland MC-202 - LCD Disassembled * …
  Analog Circuitry  
  Digital Circuitry  
  Romantic Resistance  
  LCD Driver  
  LCD Disassembled  
Roland MC-202 - Switch Board * Printed Button Contacts on the Switch Board.
  Switch Board  

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