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Yamaha FS1R - 1U rack-mount synthesizer module with FM and formant shaping synthesis

Yamaha FS1R - LCD Welcome * The FS1R Welcomes You!
Yamaha FS1R - Opened * Opened FS1R. The PCBs are mounted upside-down (as you can see by reading the Yamaha lettering on the right-hand side) so what you see here is a removed bottom plate.
Yamaha FS1R - LCD Glow * Rear Audio Jacks
Yamaha FS1R - Panel Buttons * The Beloved FS1R Panel Buttons...
Yamaha FS1R - LCD * The FS1R's LCD in Action
Yamaha FS1R - Rotary Encoder * The four Endless Rotary Panel Encoders
  LCD Welcome  
  LCD Glow  
  Panel Buttons  
  Rotary Encoder  
Yamaha FS1R - MIDI Jacks * MIDI Jacks
Yamaha FS1R - Audio Jacks * Rear Audio Jacks
Yamaha FS1R - LCD Startup * A Part of the LCD Startup Screen
Yamaha FS1R - LCD Symbols * Some LCD Special Symbols
Yamaha FS1R - Button LEDs * Panel Button LEDs
Yamaha FS1R - Main PCB Rear * Main board viewd from rear
  MIDI Jacks  
  Audio Jacks  
  LCD Startup  
  LCD Symbols  
  Button LEDs  
  Main PCB Rear  
Yamaha FS1R - Main PCB Front * Main Board Viewed From Front
Yamaha FS1R - Hitachi SH-2 MPU * The Hitachi HD64F7044 SH-2 is a 32-bit single-chip RISC MPU with on-board flash memory
Yamaha FS1R - YMP706 Tone Generator * The two Yamaha YMP706 ASICs are the Tone Generators
Yamaha FS1R - YSS236 FX-DSP * The two Yamaha YSS236 ASICs are the Effect DSPs
Yamaha FS1R - LC78834M DACs * Two Sanyo LC78834M 18-bit stereo DACs
Yamaha FS1R - SMPS * Switch-mode power supply
  Main PCB Front  
  Hitachi SH-2 MPU  
  YMP706 Tone Generator  
  YSS236 FX-DSP  
  LC78834M DACs  

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