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Hartmann Neuron - Digital synthesizer using artificial neural network technology to resynthesize pre-generated models of sampled sounds in real-time

Hartmann Neuron - Welcome * Welcome to Neuron!
Hartmann Neuron - Glowing Wheels * Glowing Wheels
Hartmann Neuron - Xmas Lights * Got no candle lights for christmas? Use your Neuron!
Hartmann Neuron - Opened * Opened Case
Hartmann Neuron - I/O Block * Audio/MIDI/Digital I/O Section
Hartmann Neuron - PSU * Switched-Mode Power Supply
  Glowing Wheels  
  Xmas Lights  
  I/O Block  
Hartmann Neuron - 128MB SDRAM * Used SDRAM
Hartmann Neuron - TerraTec EWS * TerraTec adopted one of their EWS PCI sound cards to be used in the Neuron.It's based on the Envy24 audio chip.
Hartmann Neuron - Components * PSU, HDD, main board, audio & I/O block and three panel circuit boards
Hartmann Neuron - Parameter LCD * One of the parameter LCDs
Hartmann Neuron - Main Board * Neuron's main board is a Shuttle MV25N Spacewalker Micro-ATX with VIA PLE133T chipset and a Celeron with Tualatin core running at 1.2GHz.
Hartmann Neuron - Audio I/O PCB * Audio I/O PCB
  128MB SDRAM  
  TerraTec EWS  
  Parameter LCD  
  Main Board  
  Audio I/O PCB  
Hartmann Neuron - Left Panel PCB * Left side panel PCB
Hartmann Neuron - Right Panel PCB * Right side panel PCB
Hartmann Neuron - Silver * Silver Section aka Filter
Hartmann Neuron - Logo * Hartmann Logo
Hartmann Neuron - Logo * Neuron Logo
Hartmann Neuron - Jacks * All jacks are located on the left side of the all-metal case
  Left Panel PCB  
  Right Panel PCB  
Hartmann Neuron - Panel Boot * The panel got its own microcontroller showing a quite nice light show during boot time of the main board.
Hartmann Neuron - Neuronmantic * Neuronmantic...
Hartmann Neuron - Linux Boot * The Neuron OS is a gentoo-i686-1.2 Linux
Hartmann Neuron - Windows Boot * This is a Neuron booting Windows XP - just for testing purposes of course...
  Panel Boot  
  Linux Boot  
  Windows Boot  

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