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Miscellaneous Stuff...

Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT-303 V1 - Roland TB-303 Clone * (10 Slides)
DKI / Digital Keyboards Inc Synergy II+One of the first all-digital additive synthesis machines. * (8 Slides)
Hartmann Neuron - Digital synthesizer using artificial neural network technology to resynthesize pre-generated models of sampled sounds in real-time * (22 Slides)
innovaSON Sy80 - Digital Audio Mixing Console * (18 Slides)
The Synclavier System - Manufactured by New England Digital Corporation of Norwich, Vermont, USA.The Synclavier II was released in early 1980. * (71 Slides)
Powertran Transcendent 2000 - DIY Synthesizer Designed by Tim Orr in the 1970s. * (18 Slides)
  Cyclone Bass Bot TT-303  
  DKI Synergy II+  
  Hartmann Neuron  
  innovaSON Sy80  
  NED Synclavier II  
  Transcendent 2000  
Rosendahl Studiotechnik Nanoclocks - Word Clock Distributor with Integrated Audio Master Clock Generator * (12 Slides)
  Rosendahl Nanoclocks  

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